Inquiry- Political parties

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Let’s recap! So far you and your group will have done the following- -named your party -formed your party beliefs -designed a party logo -come up with a statement of intention/mission statement -drafted policy -selected and presented your reasons for the electorate you wish to represent Now that you have been allocated your electorates- All… Continue reading

Writing- Assessment

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Should the local council build a sports ground on the vacant land near civic drive? Write a letter to your local council mayor with your opinion on this matter. Don’t Forget: You must have an introduction (statement including what your letter is about) Set your work out in clear paragraphs Use correct spelling and punctuation… Continue reading

Maths- Measurement Activity, Mass

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This week you will be participating in maths rotations with a focus on measurement. You will visit each of the Grade 5 teachers to complete an activity on capacity x2, volume x2 and mass x2. Mass Cooking Activity Learning Intention– To estimate and then accurately measure the mass (in grams) of a number of ingredients… Continue reading

Week 3- Literacy, Language Investigation, Direct and Indirect Speech

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Watch the first 2 minutes of the following clip- Task One Using a copy of the screen shot below, read through the text and hi-light the direct speech in one colour and hi-light the indirect speech in another. Task Two Using the speech bubbles below or find your own, write direct speech into the bubbles.… Continue reading